mercredi 23 juillet 2014

Shabby-chic liberty vintage stationery for a wedding in the south of France

photo : petra*photographe

Shabby-chic liberty vintage stationery for a wedding in the south of France
Now I have received a few official photos of the Big Day, I can post some stationery I did for a wedding last summer. It was held in the château of Uzès, a picturesque town with narrow winding streets and a mixture of medieval and renaissance stone façades. I used warm greys, vintage/modern fonts and ochre yellows to reflect the architecture and atmosphere of the town. A lavendar coloured frayed liberty-style fabric softens the greys and pays tribute to the lavendar tradition of the region.  

Shabby-chic papeterie liberty vintage pour un mariage au sud de la France
Je viens de recevoir quelques photos officielles du Grand Jour, donc voici des images de la papeterie que j'ai réalisée pour un mariage l'été dernier. Il a eu lieu au Duche d'Uzès, une petite ville pittoresque avec des ruelles et des façades en pierre des époques médievales et renaissance. J'ai utilisé des gris chauds, des typos moderne/vintage et du jaune ochre pour refléter l'architecture et l'ambiance d'Uzès. Du tissu style liberty couleur lavande adoucit le gris et rend hommage à la grande tradition du lavende du coin.
 The Invitation/Le faire-part
 100 five-page invitations including RSVP postcard and hand-drawn map
100 faire-parts de 5 pages, y compris une carte postale RSVP et une carte d'Uzès dessinée à la main
copyright Charlotte Gibson 2014

500 pages ready to assemble and 100 strips of hand-frayed fabric! 
500 pages prêtes à assembler et 100 bandes de tissu effilochées à la main !

copyright Charlotte Gibson 2014
copyright Charlotte Gibson 2014
copyright Charlotte Gibson 2014
copyright Charlotte Gibson 2014

Addresses have been changed / Les adresses ont été modifiées. Copyright Charlotte Gibson 2014

The Order of Service/Le livret de messe
 100 order of service fans / 100 livrets messe en eventail
Graphic design copyright: Charlotte Gibson 2014 - photo : petra*photographe

The table plan/Le plan de table
 Liberty fabric stretched over canvas / Du tissu liberty tendu sur canevas
Graphic design copyright: Charlotte Gibson 2014

The Tables/Les Tables
Graphic design copyright: Charlotte Gibson 2014 - Photo: petra*photographe

Graphic design copyright: Charlotte Gibson 2014 - Photo : petra*photographe
Graphic design copyright: Charlotte Gibson 2014

vendredi 31 mai 2013

Molly is seven!!!
Here in France, a child reaching the age of 7 has grandparents and even random people in supermarkets throwing up their arms in delight proclaiming that finally! we have arrived at The Age of Reason. So far the children I know best have proven that sevenhood is also mysteriously a cue to lose all vaguely-acquired social skills and go back to eating with their fingers (and sometimes entire fists), trailing their hair in their soup, sitting at the table so that only one body part (not bottom) is actually touching the chair, and lying around on the floor with only one leg in their pants playing with lego when we are supposed to be leaving for school in exactly ONE MINUTE.

But still! A birthday is a birthday! And every seven year old needs a party! And since we're only ever going to have one little girl's seven year old party in this house, 26 hours before the guests were due to arrive, I decided it needed more than just a smartie-covered cake. And thus began the Birthday Marathon:

 Invitations inspired by my friend Gemma at petitprojects who makes lovely cards, see her Etsy shop here
I got all the paper in the scrapbook section of Cultura.

Moshi-tape bunting and a cake entirely copied from this clever lady who managed to make one of the only Barbie cakes I've ever seen that doesn't tip
the scales into criminal naffness. Then I made a banner so I could make the most of Barbie's extra-flexible shoulders! (I think this one is a ballerina).
As you can see, Molly is super-happy, so spending THREE hours making a marzipan dress and slowly losing the will to live
was worth it in the end. Plus it had glitter on it which even got The Rongun quite excited.

And then at 12am the night before, thinking it would take about an hour, I decided to make party bags because I saw this 
(my new favourite blog - how does she make it all so clean and pretty? I want to BE her). Went to bed about 3 hours later, cursing my sewing-machine. 

When all the children arrived, we made fimo beads for bracelets with extruders, which is always fun to see how the colours will come out. 
 Everyone was so engrossed in what they were doing, that no-one uttered a word for about an hour (kind of unnerving for a kid's party). 
I have no idea if you're allowed to put other children on blogs, but I suspect not, so I've blurred them, but left Molly's face sharp so you can see 
her 'annoyed' face. We get to see this quite often. You get to see a mild version.

We had fun!

mardi 13 novembre 2012

Win a Gibson, lose a Gibson  
So we had an extra Gibson in the family there for a while. Then, at the beginning of September, the youngest Gibson kindly made way and decided to become a Nelligan instead. Still my favourite little sis though, she's not getting away that easily! 
Another beautiful day in the south west with family and friends.

Une Gibson en plus, une Gibson en moins
Donc on avait gagné une Gibson en plus pendant quelques mois. Et puis, au début de septembre, la plus jeune Gibson a gentillement fait de la place, et a decidé de devenir une Nelligan. Toujours ma petite soeur quand-même, elle ne s'échappera pas si facilement ! Encore une  journée magnifique dans le Sud-ouest avec la famille et les amis.

The wedding invitation: 10x15cm concertina with Liberty fabric and ribbon, detachable RSVP
Le faire-part de mariage : livret 10x15, avec du tissu Liberty et du ruban. RSVP détachable

 The invitations, welcome note for the guests hotel, order of service in 3 different colours, 
name tags for the favour boxes, and thank you note postcards
La collection de faire-parts, mot de bienvenue qui attend les invités dans leur chambres d'hôtel, 
livret de messe dans un assortiment de 3 couleurs, étiquettes à cadeaux d'invités, mots de remerciement

The welcome note / Mot de bienvenue 
 photo à droite - Sages comme des images

Inside the order of service / aperçu de l'intérieur du livret de messe 

Explosion of colour favour boxes / Les cadeaux aux invités en explosion de couleurs !

Table plan made out of the same fabric as the table runners. The names have been printed and sewn on.
 Grand plan de table fabriqué avec le même tissu utilisé pour les nappes. Les noms sont imprimés et cousus.

vendredi 29 juin 2012

Wedding present
Inspired by the vintage hanky invitation idea featured on,
voici the Gibson version

Cadeau de mariage
 Inspiré par l'idée d'emballer les invitations dans un mouchoir vintage,
vu sur, voici la version Gibson

photo - Emilie White - photographer extraordinaire :)
An old photograph of the road leading up to the L'Isle-en-Dodon town hall is perfect for the RSVP
Une vieille photo de la rue à côté de la Maire de L'Isle-en-Dodon me sert parfaitement pour le RSVP

Thanks for the photo Reena and Jas :)

photo - Emilie White
photo - Emilie White
photo - Emilie White
cheese and condiment labels - etiquettes fromages et condiments

The little squiggly thing you see everywhere is a freebie from thinkdesignblog
Le petit détail vintage vient de thinkdesignblog

jeudi 28 juin 2012

Photo (quite possibly my favourite EVER) by Emilie White
My little brother all grown up!
So here he is, a handsome married man, and the all new Mrs Gibson has managed to persuade the old Miss Gibson to finally get her blog underway. Hopefully it will showcase my work as graphic designer, illustrator, stuff-maker. Only took about EIGHT HOURS to get this far, here's hoping the life of a blogger gets easier from here on out :)

Mon petit frère comme un grand !
Alors le voilà, un bel homme marié, et la toute nouvelle Madame Gibson a réussi à persuader la vieille Mademoiselle du même nom à enfin commencer son blog... en espérant que vous pourrez voir ici mon travail en tant que graphiste, illustratrice, créatrice de Trucs (pas toujours utiles). Après seulement HUIT HEURES !!! pour arriver jusqu'ici, on va espérer que la vie d'une bloggeuse devient plus facile à partir de maintenant !